XUDIAN Connect Power to Your World!


With over 13 years of experience Electric Power Equipment and the introduction of first-rate modern techniques, we still keep on developing new products as well as making improvements on previous products. A team of proven, experienced technicians carefully controls the crucial factors involved in the process of product research and development. Novel design solutions and imported testing instruments assure the outstanding performance and durability of our products. The CAD system standardizes and automates the parts design and analog drive.

Manufacturing Quality Management

The factory has three workshops. Every one of them covers a land area of 1000 square meters. Our technicians incorporate modern  technology into the manufacture process which is under continuous monitoring by our process supervisors. The advanced manufacture technology and integrated quality management system ensure a high product quality as well as help our company obtain IEC standard.

First rate computer NC lathe guarantees a strict quality control over each and every production process. The company also increases its investment in operational training program, with a special attention to creating a team of skillful, acknowledgeable operators.

Success in OEM business means that our product stands the test of time. The product is well accepted by world-renowned concrete vibrator manufacturers and agencies.

Sales Service

As a customer-oriented company, we would like to put ourselves in customers' shoes to understand their situations as we deliver customer-specific service and effectively go about our daily practice. At XUDIAN, we understand that selling our machine to customers is not the end of the deal but a new start of a valued partnership. Upon purchasing our product, customers obtain at the same time the following benefits.

1. First class service from a well-organized, proven sales team 
2. One-year quality guarantee 
3. Competitive price 
4. Fast product delivery 
5. No minimum order quantity limit 
6. OEM order and customized design 
7. Quick reply to customer questions 
8. Quality products that have been exported to over 40 countries

Our flexible work patterns allow us to give timely response to customer enquiry. We truly listen to the voice of customers and strive to fulfill their requirements. Integrity and reliability can best define our service style. Those are also the reasons why we could maintain a good reputation among global partners.


XUDIAN company is one of the few China-based companies that have established formal cooperative relationships with a number of world-renowned enterprises. With the support of our dependable partners, we are able to upgrade our product in terms of its performance and operability to the highest level by modern standard.




XUDIAN HV electrics,insulator,fuse,insulating switch has 10kV,35kV,66kV,110kV,200kV ect high voltage level,composite insulator includes suspension type,cross-arm type,post type ect various different items.Most products pass test in offcial labe of China Nation Centre for Quality Suspervision and Test of Insulator and Surge Arresters and Quality Inspection,and Test Center for Quality of Electric Power.Performance comply with International leading level IEC standard.


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